Table Top Chain

Rexnord® TableTop® chains are engineered to satisfy a wide range of conveyor applications for virtually any industry. A large selection of straight running and side-flexing chains are designed to convey flawlessly in even the most demanding environments. Chains formed from metal or molded from thermoplastic are perfect for high strength and high speed applications.



  • Engineered for a wide range of conveyor applications for many industries
  • Straight-running and side-flexing options for ease of installation, reduced floor space
  • Accommodate unique application environments with innovative surface options
  • Narrow TableTop Chain widths for multiple-strand and variable-speed conveyors
  • TableTop Chain for high-strength and high-speed applications


  • Metal
    • In 1938 Rexnord introduced the worlds first metal TableTop chain with integrated top plate and hinge eyes. Nowadays the Rexnord and MCC product lines of steel slatband chains offer many materials, types and grades, enabling a solution for any application. Metal slatband chains are ideal for handling glass bottles, PET containers, kegs, crates and many other products.
  • Plastic
    • From standard low friction to specialized high-tech materials for very specific applications, the Rexnord plastic TableTop range
      is capable of delivering a wide range of solutions for conveyor applications for virtually any industry.