KwangJin Rotary Joint 6314 Series

The KwangJin Rotary Joint 6314 Series represents precision engineering at its finest, offering seamless rotary connections customized for a variety of industrial applications. Engineered with a focus on reliability and efficiency, this series guarantees uninterrupted fluid transfer, making it an optimal choice for industries that prioritize durable and precise rotary joints.

  • For high speed machining Centers
  • Dry Running at high speed without coolant pressure
  • Other port size and connection unions are available on order demand
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Operating Condition

Max. Coolant Pressure          : 105 bar (1520PSI)

Max. Rotation  Speed            : 20,000/min (20,000RPM)

Max. Temperature                 : 80°C (180F)

Media                                        :  Coolant, Hydraulic Oil