Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

YTS Air operated diaphragm pump is a type of pump that uses compressed air to move a diaphragm back and forth, creating a pumping action that can move fluids and solids of varying viscosity. These pumps are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including transferring chemicals, slurry, wastewater, and other fluids. They are designed with a simple and compact construction, making them easy to install and operate, and they offer reliable and efficient performance with low maintenance requirements. YTS Air operated diaphragm pumps are a popular choice for industries such as chemical processing, food and beverage, mining, and pharmaceuticals.

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  • Dry Run
    • Able to Run Dry for extended periods with no damage to the pumps moving parts & doesn’t overheat
  • Transfer Solids
    • Due to its unique design, liquid slurries as well as large sized solids such as beads, stones etc. can be pumped with ease
  • Variable Flow Rates & Discharge Pressure
    • Possible to operate the pump between 0.1 litres per minute to full capacity by adjusting either the air regulator or a liquid discharge valve
  • Dead Head
    • The diaphragm pump can run against a semi closed or fully closed liquid discharge valve “Dead Head” without damage or wear to the pump. Therefore the Discharge Line may be closed fully at any time and repeatedly. No power will be consumed, or temperature increase or even damage to the pump while doing so
  • Self-Priming
    • The diaphragm pump can operate dry and generate relatively high Vacuum Pressure
  • Safe transfer of Flammable & Hazardous materials
    • Diaphragm pumps are  powered by compressed air and do not have any kind of electrical connections. They cannot overheat and they are cooled naturally during operation by the supply of compressed air




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