Category: Brands: Valas
The valve controls pressure and temperature.
Multi Spring for more precise proportional control.
Body seat and plug having “Stellite Welding”.
Lapping satisfying ANSI CLASS V LABEL (Control Valve Seat Leakage).
Spring with Shot peening process that improves the life time.
Body and Plug is Stain Less Steel.
Single Seat and Globe Control Valve


Model Linear VCM-1000F(S) VCM-1000S VOM-1000F(S) VOM-1000S
Equal % VCM-1100F(S) VCM-1100S VOM-1100F(S) VOM-1100S
Fluids Steam, Industrial Water, Gas(N2), Air, Vacuum
Size (mm) 15A~80A
Operation Normal Close Normal Open
End Connection Flanged Threaded Flanged Threaded
Material Body : Stainless Steel,   Plug and Seat : Stellited
Spring Range : △P 0.2 ~ 1.0kg/cm2 (2.9~14.0psi) : △P Max.7 kg/cm2
0.4~1.2kg/cm2  (5.7~17.1psi) : △P Max.16 kg/cm2
0.8~2.4kg/cm2  (11~34.0psi) : △P Max.24 kg/cm2
Temperature Linear: Max.230oC (446oF) / Equal: Max.250oC (482oF)
Pressure Max.32kg/cm2 (455psi)
Seat Type Single Seated
Body Hydraulic Test Max.48kg/cm2 (682psi)