Flex FMS-Hard Inox(Sideflexing hinged slat chains)

Category: Brands: Magris

Special,chrome-nickel,stainless steel slats, work hardened for high resistance,
with shiny surface having a roughness of Ra< 0,3 micron
Chrome-nickel, austenitic stainless steel guide shoes (18% Chrome-8% Nickel), work
hardened for high resistance
AISI 431 stainless steel pins, magnetic and work hardened for high resistance

SSH 8811 K325
SSH 8811 K350
SSH 8811 K450
SSH 8811 K750
SSH 8811 T K325
SSH 8811 T K330
SSH 8811 T K350
SSH 8811 T K450
SSH 8811 T K750