DB-2021S – Hydraulic Caliper Brake

Category: Brands: Chasco


Model Type DB-2021S
Size of Cylinder (mm) 35(1-3/8*) 55(2-1/8*)
Area of Cylinder (cm2) 9.57 22.88
Usable Disc Dia. (mm) Ø200~∞
Disc Thickness (mm) 20
Effective Radius of Braking (m) r=1/1000 (Disc Dia/2-31)
Size of Pad Living (mm)
(Length x Width x Thickness)
47.5 x 53.97 x 16.7
Wear Allowance of Pad Lining (mm) 10
Max. Working Oil Pressure (MPa) 7 (70kgf/Cm2) 5 (50kgf/Cm2)
Required Oil Volume (cc) 1 2.5
Weight (kg) 5 5.3
Torque Calculation (kN-m)
(Braking Force=kN)
T(kN-m) = kN x r
* Oil to used : Use brake oil (Vegitable oil)
* Brake for mineral oil available but please ask us before use.