Control Panel

Category: Brands: Exen

Control panel with no power supply and with explosion-proof specification
This product is used for the following applications:

  • Used for controlling knocker and Mini Blaster in the explosion-proof area in iron-making plant
  • Used for controlling knocker in the resin pellet production line (explosion-proof area) in petrochemical plant
  • Features

    This product is an operation panel that allows the operation and operation interval to be controlled with only air supply without power supply. This product can be used in the field with no power supply or in an explosion-proof area. For the combination of flow aid system, also refer to “Flow aid equipment combination”.

    • Adoption of air controlled method without power supply
    • Compliance with IP code 54
    • Suitable for control in explosion-proof area
    • Manual/Automatic mode selectable
    • Multiple units can be used (HKA type)


    Model Protection
    Set Time
    Working Pressure
    Number of the units
    can be operated
    HKA5000A Drip watertight-type dustproof-structure protection level IP 44 Air control ON timer: 10~180sec
    OFF timer: 0.1~30sec
    0.3~0.7 RKVS15   10 Units
    RKV/S20P   8 Units
    RKV/D/S 30PA   8 Units
    RKV/D/S 40PA   6 Units
    RKV/D/S 60PA   6 Units
    RKV/D80PA   4 Units
    RKV/D100PA   4 Units