Category: Brands: Airflex

Airflex E elements are primarily used as slip clutches or tension brakes; however, they can also be used for general power transmission service.Torque is transmitted from the friction shoes to the element housing through torque bars. Engagement occurs when air expands the actuating tube forcing the friction shoes against the inside diameter of the drum. Release springs assist shoe disengagement
and counteracts centrifugal force.

·E elements are ideal for moderate to heavy duty clutch and brake service.
·E elements are suited for medium speed cyclic applications which are subject to large thermal loads.
·When used with an air agitating ventilated drum, the E element provides excellent slip clutch and tension brake service.
·Torque Capacities* Up To 1,010,000 lb·in, 114.000 N·m
·Typical Applications Construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking  machinery,
 slip clutches, tension brakes
·Standard Sizes: 12E475, 14E475, 16E475, 19E475, 21.5E475,
24E475m 27E475, 30E600, 34E600, 40E700