Category: Brands: Airflex

Airflex DC clutches and brakes are available in single and multiple disc designs.They feature a favorable torque to size ratio and low inertia friction disc assemblies

·DC type elements are physically smaller than most other type clutches and brakes with the same
torque capacity.
·DC elements feature a low inertia friction disk assembly which reduces the overall inertia that must
be started or stopped.
·DC elements have an option for split friction disks which allow for removal of the friction disks
without disturbing other components of the drive system in mid-shaft element arrangement
·The DC element features a long wearing, self lubricating PolyPak seal which eliminates premature
twisting failure and requires no external lubrication.
·Static Torque Capacities* Up To: ,061,000 lb·in, 233.000 N·m
·Typical Applications: Power presses, tension brakes, emergency stop brakes on
unwind stands, and clutches on metalforming applications.
·Standard Sizes: 109DC, 209DC, 115DC, 215DC, 120DC, 220DC, 320DC,
420DC, 125DC, 225DC, 325DC, 425DC, 138DC, 238DC,
338DC, 438DC