Category: Brands: Airflex

Airflex DBB disc style brakes are spring-applied and air or hydraulically released.
Their torque capacities and heat dissipation characteristics make them ideal for cyclic applications.
Equal torque is developed in either direction of rotation.

·The DBB element features a low inertia friction disc assembly which reduces the overall inertia .
that must be stopped
·The DBB element also features optional split friction discs. This allows for the removal of friction
discs without disturbing other components of the drive system in mid-shaft brake arrangement.
·DBB elements feature long wearing, self lubrication PolyPak seals which eliminate premature
twisting failure and require no external lubrication.
·Static Torque Capacities* Up To: 2,535,750 lb·in, 286.524 N·m
·Typical Applications: Bottling equipment, power shovels, conveyors, shears,
power presses
·Standard Sizes: 109DBB, 209DBB, 309DBB, 115DBB, 215DBB,
120DBB, 220DBB, 320DBB, 420DBB, 125DBB,
225DBB, 325DBB, 425DBB, 138DBB, 238DBB,
 338DBB, 438DBB