Category: Brands: Airflex

Airflex DBA disc style brakes are spring-applied and air or hydraulically released.
Brake discs are either solid or ventilated. Solid brake discs are used in applications requiring a heat sink and/or where engagement is infrequent.Ventilated discs are recommended for high speed cyclic applications. Equal torque is developed in either direction of rotation.

·DBA elements feature large friction areas which allow the brakes to absorb and dissipate high
energy loads associated with high cyclic and high inertia stops.
·DBA elements are available with either solid or ventilated brake discs
·DBA elements require minimum adjustment for lining wear. Single disk units require no wear
adjustment and dual disc units require only one wear adjustment during the long life of the .
friction material
·Static Torque Capacities* Up To: 386,630 lb·in, 43.050 N·m
·Typical Applications: Can making machines, draglines, power shovels,
conveyors, power presses
·Standard Sizes: 117DBA, 217DBA, 121DBA, 221DBA, 129DBA,
229DBA, 329DBA