Category: Brands: Airflex

The Airflex CBC unit combines an air actuated disc clutch and spring- applied disc brake into a compact package, which can be readily adapted to new or existing flywheel drives. Designed primarily for high cyclic punch press service, the unit has been applied on a wide variety of high speed, high cyclic applications.

·Clutch Capacities* Up To  788,000 lb·in, 58.073 N·m
·Brake Capacities* Up To 372,000 lb·in, 42.029 N·m
·Typical Applications Automatic punching machines, press brakes,
printing machines, shears, stamping and forming presses,
 woodworking machines
·Packages Complete CBC bearing mount flywheel hub packages
are available upon request
·Standard Sizes: 25CBC, 30CBC, 35CBC, 40CBC, 45CBC, 50CBC,
55CBC, 60CBC, 66CBC